Inspired by Lego and the Avengers' movie


  • Captain America
  • Hawkeye
  • Hulk
  • Ironman
  • Loki
  • Nick Fury
  • Thor
  • Black Widow

Summary :

So, I am preparing for a convention that I may or may not be going to this coming Friday. I had planned for for some really cool gaming characters. They were to be the last Lego/construction blocks I would do in a long time until I saw Avengers. Plans be damned. So here, in the last 4 days, I drew, colored and framed 8 Avenger Characters. I never whipped out art that fast and I have to say I am proud with results.
For the most part I was going for an Art Deco look for the finish. I applied that to the S.H.E.I.L.D. design in the background.

Inked originals below :

Medium used

  • #234 Paris – bleed proof paper for pens (Only good for markers or pens. No Quills. Rips it to shreds.)
  • non photo blue pencil (initial gestures)
  • #2 HB pencil (later erased)
  • black brush pen – PrismaColor

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