GISHWHES 2015 – item 54

Gishwhes is a massive global scavenger Hunt that is part silliness, part art, part kindness and 100% fun.

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Team for 2015 : Razing Kale (LINK)
Item 54 : WILLIAM SHATNER ITEM – You may not know this but William Shatner is a big My Little Pony Brony (a male fan of the My Little Pony series.) He wants to share this interest with other actors. Create an image however you wish of one of your favorite actors as a My Little Pony and tweet it to them. Get the actor to retweet your image and hashtag #Shatnermademedoit @gishwhes. Submit a screencap of the actor tweet.
Tried 2 other pony versions with Chris Pratt and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thank you Justin for being a real sport. You rule.

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