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Summary :

The first 2 kimonos I made was for a 2008 Halloween street party. They were designed after the ones found in the game called “Zero” or “Fatal Frame”; a simple white kimono with fake blood stains. Wearing it was very constricting much like a corset yet I fell in love and was forever hooked.
I wanted to make another one. The dilemma I had was what kind? Simple everyday variety was not enough. It wasn’t until much later at a convention, held in Houston, I saw woman wearing a tube dress hand-painted to look like the “regular flavor of Ramune soda”. It was fantastic. That’s how my first original kimono design, orange ramune, came to be. In 2009 at Toyko in Tulsa, it won Judge’s Favorite/ Hallway cosplay contest.

Learning Pains :

  • I cannot tell you how difficult it is to get any information on making kimonos the traditional way let alone to wear one correctly. If you ever desire to make one, DO NOT USE the usual pattern brands (examples: Simplicity, McCalls, Butterwick, etc.).
  • I used cheap “fabric” paint (just regular “nothing special”) acrylic. Finished product, though looked really good, was hard as a rock. I felt like I was wearing thin sheet of plastic.
  • It was WAY too long. Long length for a kimono shouldn’t really matter, so for me to say that is saying something.
  • The obi was traditional. INSANE length. Pretty, but very time consuming to make and wear. I now make the obi and bow separate.

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