BBC Sherlock Hood

Design based on the BBC TV series, Sherlock


  • Hood
  • Hood
  • Hood
  • Hood
  • Inspiration

Summary :

O-H-M-Y-G-O-D! I am such a fan of this series. It was total accident that I ever became aware of Sherlock BBC. I was enjoying a Tumblr site by the name of “Voldemort’s nipple”. (Got to love Tumblr names) So, as I was perusing this site, images of what was tagged as Sherlock kept showing up with great frequency. The thing was, I was very aware of the recent Sherlock movies and this was definitely not them. A little research and BAM….watch first episode….BAM…HOLY COW….hooked for however many they desire to make. Friggin fantastic. Primo writing, primo acting and my gawd the cinematography!!!! If you have not seen this, I highly suggest at least the first episode. Again, no brainer.

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