Fiery Gemscape

I am designing a fantasy world with a crystalline landscape full of creatures and characters that has a story around them. Half of it is told through a silent comic and the other through paintings/posters and designs.



Belma (link)

There are a few elements that contributed to this painting. First was Voltron (Netflix version) and the idea of having cat like creatures. Second, also came from a scene from a Voltron episode. I am astounded by color usage in that whole series, beautiful contrast and mood created. One scene in particular is on the lion’s cockpit and the pink color of the view screen. Third, is a stark black and white photograph of large boulders found on a beach. It gave me the most incredible feeling seeing it, desolation and strength.

This is my second attempt designing the cat-like creatures. The first were taken from lion fish features. This time, I wanted to incorporate more of the crystalline nature of the world into the creature itself. I also merged insect facial features with the grace and mannerisms I find in cats.

I am super pleased with this piece.

Side note: the pink I used acted more like a spot color. So I when I translated it to a CMYK color platform the color changed. Disappointing but I knew why it happened.

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