Across the Lake

I am designing a fantasy world with a crystalline landscape full of creatures and characters that has a story around them. Half of it is told through a silent comic and the other through paintings/posters and designs.



Belma (link)

I once saw an image of trees coming out of an lake cloudy from being ice cold but not frozen yet. It was haunting and beautiful. About a year later, I came back to it when I started painting my poster series.

In this watercolor painting, instead of having the trees in the water I decided to have them over over it. The tree tops are taken from a crystal structure I found in someones collection shared on Tumblr and the base is actually one of 20 designs. Each design designates what plant type is growing.

The characters are Kissa and Jou, main characters, and 3 rock people, one of the water tribes. I cannot tell you how pleased I was when I finished this.

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