Pineapple Deer

I am designing a fantasy world with a crystalline landscape full of creatures and characters that has a story around them. Half of it is told through a silent comic and the other through paintings/posters and designs.



Belma (link)

I have always been allergic to pineapple but over the last few years its moved from “yes please, I’ll live” to “dear lord, I’m going to die”. I miss it so much and it is in everything. One night, I was having a conversation with a friend about it and we thought it would be neat to honor my most favorite fruit as a creature and pineapple deer was born.

This watercolor painting was sooooooo much fun to make. The world, sized perspective of the deer was new to me and man do I feel I nailed it.

I first started selling this image as a poster in June 2017 at Akon, DFW, Texas.

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