Book cover – Want of Scarab

Illustrate a fictitious creature and make it look like an ancient page as the cover of the book.

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Client: AC Wilkinson

Book synopsis :

The colony world of LeCross has rebelled against EarthGov and must be brought back into the fold.
For Capitan William Hunter and his crew, the battle goes well until a freak phenomena cripples their warship and flings them light years away from the fight. The future seems bleak until they stumble across the uncharted world of Genna and a colony of humans that has been lost for centuries. In the midst of an incredible alien environment Hunter and his people discover two warring cultures fixated on a local creature:
The Life Scarab.
One faction worships the bug.
The other eats it.
When Hunter and astrobiologist Chandelle Zidane are taken captive by the savage Lovers-of-Scarab their only thought is escape. Soon, however, they discover the danger they face is more than just human in nature.
Hunter and Chandelle must race against time to unravel the mysteries of Genna before the enigmatic Bursting destroys them all.

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