Core 5 – martial arts


  • Final design
  • Dragon
  • Praymantis
  • Snake
  • Tiger
  • Crane

Summary :

I made 2 different versions of the core five animals (pray mantis, dragon, crane, tiger and snake) in the Chinese martial arts system that these were designed for. The first 5 I finshed individually and planned to have them slip into a pinwheel design. The idea had merit but the final looked awful. This is why I made the 2nd version with all animals drawn and inked together.

Inked originals below :

Medium used

  • Stonehenge paper
  • non photo red size 9 mechanical pencil (initial gesture lines)
  • No. 2 HB pencil (later erased)
  • black brush pen – Prismacolor and Japanese Pentel brush with ink catridge
  • Quill nibs and black Higgins ink

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