Galaga Kimono


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Summary :

Another Halloween kimono I wore to a street parade and at work. I based this one on a very old arcade game called Galaga (most favorite to play when I was a child). I absolutely adore the final product but not many people seem to know what to think of it in and out of cosplay circles. Whatever.

Making Pains :

  • Hand painted the logo to both sides of the left sleeve
  • Created vector (Illustrator) versions of all ships, achievement badges and key words like HISCORE, 1UP and 2UP
  • Printed designs on interface transfers
  • Iron interface transfer designs to fabric
  • Cut out all ships and attached to fabric
  • hand painted gun fire
  • laminated in 7mm pouches for ships depicting getting captured (which is the best part of the game). Cut out. Attached rings and then attached earring hoop. Perfect really

Learning Pains :

  • Jammed a copier because the setting wasn’t right for transfers and melted the plastic within the machine. I will, for now on, PAY someone to make the transfers which good luck finding someone.
  • Iron on 2-sided transfers does not stick to polyester fabric (main kimono). Had to seal the ships with black puff paint. Worked well.
  • Too many friggin ships, over 40.
  • Measure!!!!!

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