Nyan Cat/ Tacnayn Kimono

Design based on an internet meme - Nyan Cat


  • Kimono
  • Kimono
  • Kimono
  • Kimono

Summary :

Just had a thing for the nyan cat and tacnayn memes/ animated gifs. The waffle cat especially tickled me.I did take blow by blow pictures as I made this kimono. I created an instructable.com of it and it was featured in category and front page. Pretty cool.

Instructable LINK

Making pains :

  • Designed both front and back in Illustrator before beginning the project
  • Hand painted starbursts, skulls and both cats
  • Created rainbow and smoke sections by sewing colored strips

Learning pains :

  • Used water soluble glue initially. Super pissed. Fixed it but pissed none the less.

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