PacMan Kimono

Design based on arcade game, PacMan


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Summary :

Really enjoyed making the Galaga kimono and wanted to design another kimono inspired by a retro, arcade, game. This time I wanted to try something different from the common kimono layout. I found online a festival with very colorful dancers in kimonos but they had a second (haori?) jacket covering one sleeve while leaving the other exposed to the original kimono. The rest of the jacket is then pulled tightly behind and the second sleeve is draped over the bow on the back.
I researched the crap out of it and I think I got the structural design correct. But, when it came to the part actually putting it on, it was very difficult and I believe a good portion still escapes me. For this reason, I may never make this type of kimono willingly unless I get more information or slight alterations.
Otherwise, I am ultimately very pleased with the result. I wore it first at Akon 2011 in Dallas, TX. I recently took it to Ushicon 2013 in RoundRock, TX. It got a lot of praise from the convention goers and people outside on the anime scene.

Making pains :

  • Created 2 card board patterns at 2 different sizes of the ghost.
  • Traced all ghosts with colored chalk pen on the bottom edge of the main body and both sleeves.
  • Hand painted all ghosts on main kimono and the maze on the jacket.

Learning pains :

  • Spilled a huge glob of yellow paint on the blue jacket. Had to wash thoroughly before the paint set. You can still see a little hint of it. However, most of it is hidden under the obi.
  • NEVER use cheap cotton fabric again. It wrinkles at the drop of a hat. ALWAYS wrinkles. I tried everything. Next time.

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