Tardis Hood

Design based on the Tardis from Dr. Who.


  • Hood
  • Hood
  • Hood
  • Hood
  • Inspiration

Summary :

I haven’t watched any of the revamped Dr. Who. The last time I think I watched it was when something went wrong with the next regeneration and the new Doctor becomes this small, blond, curly, haired A-Hole. I loved him.
Anyhoo, I love the Tardis, period. So, it was a no brainer when it came to the decision of making them. I cannot tell you how many steps were involved in putting together this hood type. I even had a vendor silk screen the Police Box copy onto black fabric that I later cut and sewn into the hood’s bill.
It worked out so beautifully that I will be (MOST DEFINITELY) making more and posting on my Esty account later in November. Stay tuned.

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